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Founded and built on the tenants of light-weight mobility, high-end call-power, and a centralized data design, smartCall Center is appropriate for organizations that require intelligent measures to reach their audience on personal and interactive levels but cannot justify the expense of a hardware-centric call solution that requires large upfront capital investments & never-ending maintenance and troubleshooting costs.

 ,creators of smartCall Center, has already built-out the backend Data Centers, call applications, and web interfaces required for your organization to start making calls tomorrow – without spending thousands of dollars, today.

Markets that have already found how cost-effective, yet powerful smartCall Center is, include:

  • Political Industry:

For over eight years, smartCall Center has been the first choice for election-time polling and GOTV efforts. From presidential primaries & elections, State & Federal Congressional campaigns, and Gubernatorial and State office efforts, smartCall Center has become the benchmark from which all other interactive call suites are judged. Stress-tested by the “always-on” nature & demand of the Political Industry, smartCall Center and its 24x7 support teams have proven the tool to be the best call solution for the highest priority jobs & expectations of today.

  • Non Profit Industry:

Noble ideas, causes, and the new non-profit organizations supporting them seem to surface daily. Yet, the amount of donor dollars available to support these organizations seem to increase at a dramatically slower rate. Because of this, NPOs require intelligent communication & fundraising tools to give them a competitive advantage without requiring large cash expenditures into permanent call solutions. The smartCall Center team works with grass-roots, local & regional branches, and national NPO headquarters to design & implement intelligent call campaigns that have raised large sums of dollars & data for organizations looking to re-energize their constituent base - and to find others to add to it.   

  • Education Industry:

Staying relevant to your alumni base requires High Schools & Universities to talk to their constituents in the way their alumni want to be talked to. To achieve this, organizations must gather up-to-date information and data on their alumni so as to better understand the timing & content required for effective communications. “Thank-a-thons” and appreciation campaigns are changing how Development professionals think of phone-based fundraising. smartCall Center’s polling features & data-centric design make it perfect for short-term annual funds or capital campaigns looking to connect with their alumni & parents through personalized interactions – while still growing the funds that sustain their schools and Colleges.      

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