smartData™ Technology


What is it?

Organizations looking to engage, survey, or solicit their constituents in today’s world of mass communications will quickly realize that their audiences’ time and attention are becoming increasingly limited.

Because of this, the days of impersonal and random cold-calling are over. Instead, call managers now require intelligent and easy-to-use methods of personalizing conversations in order to give each interaction the best chance at success.

For this reason, we have built in a smartData design behind each of your smartCall Centers. With this advanced and intuitive technology, you will be able to upload and access your call data from anywhere and at any time, segment & micro-target your lists, create personalized survey questions, and then send these call jobs to any participating smartCall Center location in the United States.

And on top of all of this, you can monitor (in real-time) the performance of each smartCall Center down to the individual caller level. And if your campaigns are gathering & recording respondent data (opinions, interests, dollars), this information is automatically uploaded to your data-dashboard where you can monitor & gauge global shifts in your constituency in real time.

How Does it Work?

Upload & store data, segment lists, create surveys - caller locations -and caller accounts, all from one centralized web interface:  

Download a smartCommunicator brochure.

smartCommunicator is a web-based messaging suite that can be accessed from any internet-connected device without requiring the added expense of software downloads or system upgrades.

Built on a step-by-step modular process, you don’t have to be a database expert to pick up smartCommunicator immediately. Simply login to your organizational account and work individually or with a remote team to prepare call campaigns that can be deployed anywhere in the U.S. - while still being monitored & analyzed from one centralized location. 


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