Data Dashboard

Accessed via your web account, the Dashboard provides a global view of your campaign progress. From campaign calendars to increasing depths of real-time statistics & analytics, the Dashboard is the anchor module for all your past, present, and future smartCall Center activity.  


Download information on the NEW smartPortal & Phone-a-Friend Volunteer managment system and home-based calling platform.


Call Statistics (in Real-Time)



~Calls Made

 ~Households Called

 ~Households Remaing

 ~Call Dispositions (Answered, left message, refused)


Survey Results (in Real-Time)


~Survey Responses (question by question)

~Survey Data Export

~Survey Data Sequential Messaging


smartSurvey2Go Results (in Real-Time)


~Global to Local Map View

~Zip Code to City Block Household Monitoring

~Real-Time Resident Survey Disposition & Statistics 

~Real-Time Monitoring of App User Position and Progress

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