smartSurvey is smartCall Center’s 360° survey feedback loop that allows call managers the ability to create, review, and deploy survey campaigns to any smartCall Center location around the United States.

 At each smartCall Center location, callers login to their individual VoIP phones and retrieve their desired survey campaign  by entering a simple numeric sequence. Callers use simple touch-pad commands to record respondent opinions & interests. This survey data is then automatically uploaded back into the centralized data dashboard where call & survey results can be monitored & analyzed by call managers from anywhere in the United States – all, in real time.

smartSurvey - Online Management

From the smartSurvey module within the web-based messaging suite:

Step I (Create): Drag & Drop new survey templates into the queue and create the corresponding survey questions & responses. Enhance survey question effectiveness & efficiency through included features like: Drag n’ Drop question re-ordering, smartSurvey jump logic, and respondent tagging.

Step II (Review): From a presentation view identical to how each survey job will appear on your phones, use the review screen to edit & approve your survey content and behavior.

Step III (Deploy): Finally, choose participating smartCall Center locations that will be making your calls, schedule a call time on your call-calendar, and then choose an audience segment you wish to have called in conjunction with your survey job.


smartSurvey – Phone Management

 From onboard each smartCall Center VoIP phone:       

Step I (login): Use a pair of simple numeric passwords that each caller punches into their smartCall Center VoIP phone to automatically retrieve their survey job.

Step II (survey): With auto-dial and intelligent call-universe distribution, each caller presses a single button to dial and begins each survey campaign by reading questions and recording the respondent's responses via simple touchpad actions.

Step III (conclude): Upon conclusion of each call/survey, the recorded data is automatically uploaded back into the smartCommunicator data-dashboard, and the caller continues to make calls never having to stop or manage any of these back-end data processes. 

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