smartSurvey2Go is a mobile application built for smartphones & tablets that is transforming the way traditional door-to-door professionals operate.

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From political polling, customer satisfaction, and constituent outreach & awareness initiatives, smartSurvey2Go has consolidated the need for cumbersome maps, bulky contact data books, and time-consuming bubble sheets into a single digital app that gives door-to-door professionals the agility to become more effective face-to-face communicators. 

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smartSurvey2Go – App Management

From the surveySurvey2Go mobile app available in the Iphone & Android app stores:

Step I: Login to the app and select a survey job that has been activated for your user account.

Step II: Watch as target households appear overlaid onto a Google maps view that is powered by a GPS functionality that visually tracks your current position and guides you as you move towards each target address.

Step III: Use the Household & resident guide to identify your target contact, and begin the survey process. As you complete surveys, target household icons disappear from your map view, as well as the map view of other users working on the same survey job. Behind the scenes, survey data is automatically uploaded back to the centralized data-dashboard and merged with smartCall Center VoIP & supporting smartCommunciator module data that can be accessed by managers in real-time. All of this happens automatically without any back-end effort from your app users. 




smartSurvey2Go – Online Management

From the smartSurvey module within the web-based smartCommunicator messaging suite:

Step I: Use smartSurvey to create survey campaigns that, instead of being directed to smartCall Center VoIP phones, are immediately sent to the smartphone or tablet of each of your door-to-door professionals.

Step II: Monitor your app users and their progress, in real-time, through a Bing maps interface from within your smartCommunicator account.

Step III: Use the real-time survey data to analyze your audience – using fresh data & opinion points to intelligently direct your future efforts & decisions.



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